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"The coolest thing to hit NYC in a long time! I would like to personally endorse the owner of Get Coiffed. She offers haircutting services in YOUR home by appointment and does a fantastic haircut. She personally has cut all of my children's hair many times throughout the years and I am happy to report that she is wonderful with handling the very special needs of a disabled child. Something that many cookie-cutter haircutting facilities and beauty salons do not accommodate well. As a parent of a child with special needs and multiple children, I find it very convenient. She's in and out, is very patient, leaves no mess and my kids are happy in the end with no melt down. My challenged son is relaxed and calm through the whole process. She really makes a difference!"
-Jane A.

"Jen Bilek is like a breath of fresh air - dependable, professional, experienced, and funny and good humored. The kids loved her, and I loved her work - both on the kids, and on me. Excellent cuts that lasted while they grew out. She's worth her weight in gold!"

"Wow, I am blown away by this great gal who comes to my home in Manhattan and cuts my children's hair. Jennifer Bilek gave my kids the cutest hair cuts and all I had to do was call. Those of you with children can surely appreciate how difficult and time consuming it is to get the kids to a hair salon, well fret no more this is a bargain (no taxi required) and she's so cool with the kids. Now I even schedule my haircut with theirs, I have very little free time, but it's a breeze with Jennifer's at home hair service. She's a gem!"

"We LOVE Jennifer and her personal services through GET COIFFED. Getting a haircut for our son used to be such a hassle... the unpredictable waits, the commotions, the screaming children, all in a very cramped quarter. Now, we look forward to Jennifer's regular visits. She reminds us of our appointment date, she arrives promptly (rain or snow), she works with the mood of the child on that day, she tidies up thoroughly, and best of all, she gives a FABULOUS haircut. Thank you, Jennifer, for your convenient personal haircut service."
-Charlotte A., NYC mom to Nicholas

"I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer. She has been cutting my son’s hair for 10 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Jennifer has kept him on the cutting edge of style. She comes to our house and you can’t beat that for convenience. Kids schedules are so busy and this service fits our needs. Jennifer, I hope you never move away!"
-Leanne M., NYC mom to Alex and Caroline

"Being a party planner in NYC, I knew what I expected from a Glamour Birthday Party, but when I called Jennifer I got something much better. I wanted my daughter and her friends to have a ton of fun. The Glamour Party was terrific!

Jennifer was just wonderful. She is incredibly competent, and fun and professional and the girls just love her! You can’t imagine the giggles and the joy the kids got out of having beautiful hair styles and beautiful little clips in their hair and a little bit of make-up. They were giddy and happy and had a wonderful time. I recommend this to any parent who loves to give their daughter and her friends a wonderful treat she’ll remember with joy for a long, long time. It’s hard in this world to find things so simple that can make so many little people so happy. I cannot recommend this enough."
-Collen H., NYC mom to Danielle & Kristen. Party Planner for Manhattan Events

"Before we met Jennifer, cutting my daughter’s hair was a trial. My daughter is multiply disabled and cannot sit on her own. She can barely tolerate the feel of the scissors against her skin and haircuts were a dangerous mother-daughter battle.

Jennifer’s haircuts improved our quality of life overnight. Not only does Jennifer produce an adorable cut, she accomplishes it within 10 minutes while my daughter watches a video and barely notices."
-Tracy E., NYC mom to Adel and Hanna

"Jennifer saved my life! My son has cerebral palsy and going to get his haircut was a nightmare due to his sensory problems. Then along came Jennifer. She was so patient and kind that she got my son through his haircut without a complete meltdown. And his hair looked great. After several haircuts there was no more crying and now he even looks forward to her coming. In addition, she cuts my 3 year old daughter's hair and she always ends up looking so sweet with beautiful clippies in her hair. Both my kids love her. She is simply the best."
-Laura H., NYC mom to Thomas and Tate


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