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Kids & Family Haircare

Why go out when you can stay in? GET COIFFED provides haircut house-calls in Manhattan, for the entire family (sorry we do not do pets at this time)! GET COIFFED stylists are all trained in the art of children’s haircutting and come right to your home, saving you time, travel, and tears! Let’s face it, sometimes our kid's schedules are even busier than our own. It’s great to get a haircut when you need it, without the hassle of traveling and waiting in cramped and crowded environments. Rain or shine, our stylists come to you with a smile, patience, and professionalism.

Our stylists will also educate you about caring for your child's hair and make suggestions for appropriate styles and products. Baby’s first haircut gets a diploma, and all children's cuts come with a lollipop.

Haircut house-calls start at $65.00 (child)* with a family discount for two or more children.

GET COIFFED stylists are available for haircuts at your Manhattan home or office. Our services include haircutting for men, women, teens, tweens, and seniors, as well as children. Imagine working while you get a haircut or, going straight from your haircut to the kitchen to cook dinner. How’s that for convenience? If you have hair, we can be there when you need us! You can schedule your family's haircuts all at once on an evening you are all together, or one at a time when it is convenient for each family member.

*Men’s cuts start @ $65.00 and women’s cut’s start @ $85.00

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